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What It’s Like to be a Foodservice Partner with Backerhaus


If you could think of one request your Foodservice Operators or Distributors are looking for within your line-up, what would it be? Are they wanting upscale breads & rolls?  Are they interested in clean ingredients and healthier choices for their guests? Or maybe they want a little bit of everything?

At Backerhaus we have it all!


Becoming a foodservice partner with us means multiple benefits for you and your customers such as:

  • Premium-crafted Breads, Rolls, and Soft Bavarian Pretzels.
  • Classically trained bakers on-site supported by a Culinary Team.
  • A mix of traditional baking techniques with new and innovative technologies.
  • Clean ingredient declarations and the ability to customize to meet customer requirements.
  • BRC Food Certified AA.


Being able to offer your clients a variety of options is important to you, which is why we have an incredible line-up of products. From Craft breads to Gourmet Buns, to Soft Bavarian Pretzels, and some of the most delicious Sandwich Bread on the market; our knowledgeable Baker’s understand the importance of quality and are dedicated to perfecting their craft.

Within each category of breads, we carry a variety of options that are deliciously unique. Our team carefully selects each ingredient to ensure quality and integrity is met. We set a high-standards, and we want you to be confident in the products you are offering to your guests.

No bakery wants their brand to go ‘stale’, which is why we dedicate time and care to our products to ensure quality and innovation is met every step of the way. By staying up-to-date with market trends, and adapting our products where necessary, we can meet industry demands making our catalogue robust, and ever-changing.

So, what is in it for you? A partnership with like-minded passionate people. We are all striving for a common goal, and that is to serve up delicious food! It can be difficult to bring your visions to life alone but working with a full-service team of professionals that have your back, well that’s where we rise to the occasion.


Partner with Backerhaus today!