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our values

The Backerhaus Veit brand is built on a strong foundation of quality service, backed by years of knowledge in the industry.


our recipe
for success

With a dash of tradition, a sprinkle of innovation, and a cup of love, our vision of being the craft bakery of choice is just what we ‘knead’ to build relationships, and that all starts in the kitchen.


We Care For Each Other

Every member of our incredibly talented team has a strong sense of ownership in what they do. Our mission is to provide a work environment that is safe, fair, and supportive.


We Strive for Excellence

Collectively, we strive to improve our own skills, while helping each other continue to grow. We push the boundaries to provide not only quality products, but exceptional customer service and experience.


We Honour Tradition

By using a time-honoured process, our bakers craft memorable, premium products using simple ingredients that provide a memorable eating experience.


We Work with Like-Minded Partners

We develop strong bonds with our suppliers, community, and other stakeholders to create a shared value that benefits us all.

we create
strong bonds

Our partners are what push us forward, ensuring we always exceed expectations. In doing so, we can create a diverse customer base, and build a trustworthy, long-term relationship.