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our history in the making

We talk a lot about crafting delicious bread, that is deeply rooted in European traditions, but what exactly does that mean for you?


old traditions

are key for our Bakers to use, as it is what gives our bread that unique difference. Although we may have some old-world techniques in our back pocket, we also value having a diverse team of staff that can bring their cultural impact to each bake.

Although we stem from these European traditions, our recipes and processes have expanded to meet the standards our customers are looking for in all our product lines.  Similar to how this company was born, it takes generations of people to come into the mix, to make something truly incredible.

Every year, we learn more and rise to the occasion to ensure we consistently deliver the right products and customer-focused experiences for buyers.

The Key to European Bread

It is no secret that quality craft breads do not contain artificial colours or flavourings, but we do more than that to ensure true quality is met.

With naturally leavened bread, using bromate-free flour, no food additives containing ADA (azodicarbonamide) and made in stone hearth ovens by our team of classically trained Bakers – well, that’s what makes us rise above the rest.

Quality over Quantity

There isn’t one part of our process that stands out from the rest because our products are the true star of the show.

We love baking in small batches because it gives our Bakers the chance to have an especially close eye on every step of the baking process. From selecting the finest ingredients, to ensuring the temperature is set just right, our team can deliver products that provide a great tasting, nutritious eating experience.