Our Difference

Artisan Bread Crafted in the European Tradition

The European Approach to Bread Making

The craft of authentic European bread making has been proudly passed down from one generation to the next. What began in a small German village in 1927 is still very much alive in our pristine, modern bakery in Mississauga, Canada.

All our artisan breads, rolls and pretzels are handcrafted by our European-trained Bakers – experts in the fine art of mixing, fermenting, hand-shaping, proofing and baking. Skilled in the science behind the chemical reactions of ingredients and processes, and sincerely committed to producing the finest authentic bread.

We prepare naturally aged dough using bromate-free flour and naturally cultivated sours. No artificial colours or flavours are added to our products.

All Backerhaus Veit craft breads are baked in stone hearth ovens to capture the essence of the artisan baking in the time-honoured methods used by the original Veit Master Baker.

Our family recipes use only the finest natural ingredients. Whole seeds and grains are pre-soaked for maximum nutritional benefit and enhanced flavour.

Our small batch approach allows us to focus on the quality of every batch.

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