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Food Pairings to Get You Excited for Fall

Sourdough Everything Loaf

The leaves are falling, the crisp morning breeze is coming through, and pots of soup are being prepared. What do these things have in common? Fall is here!


As sad as we are to see the summer go, there is something about fall that sparks change, especially in the kitchen. Comfort foods start coming out in a variety of ways, and it feels good to indulge in hearty foods.


At Backerhaus Veit, we believe bread should be at the centre of all meals and can easily be the star of the show. It is our goal to make products that not only make a great meal but a memorable one. In this blog, we are featuring three of our fan-favourite products and how they can be served alongside your favourite fall meals.


Sourdough Everything Loaf ft. Butternut Squash Soup

Nothing says fall like a good butternut squash soup, and it pairs perfectly with our soft Sourdough Everything Loaf. The warm, roasted flavours in this soup are surely delicious, but thick cut, lightly toasted sourdough bread with sesame seeds, poppy seeds, and roasted garlic can elevate this meal to another level. Not only does this meal taste amazing, but it is good for you too!


Pretzel Dinner Rolls ft. Vegan Chili

Name a better fall duo. We’ll wait! With the saltiness from our Pretzel Dinner Rolls, to the hearty flavours from the chili, there really isn’t a better way to enjoy this classic meal. Sometimes dinner rolls get looked at as the side accompaniment, but when Backerhaus dinner rolls are on the menu, it is the first thing people will be grabbing. Taste and texture are equally as important when it comes to cooking, and these rolls have that soft and chewy interior, with that perfectly crisp exterior you expect from a pretzel bun.


Tuscan White Stuffing

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, now is the time to perfect your holiday stuffing. Whether you have a fresh loaf, or are looking for a way to use up your Tuscan White Sandwich Bread stuffing is a great option. Have stale bread? No problem! Your bread will act as a sponge and absorb all of the butter and broth that is needed to make this tasty dish.



The perfect product for your brand is just a click away. If you want your bread options to be the star of the show, contact us today!