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Backerhaus Veit Celebrate Inclusivity & Diversity

At Backerhaus Veit we strive to create a safe, inclusive, and supportive workplace for all our employees and customers. But posting that statement once, maybe twice a month on social media isn’t enough when the world continues to be divided. We all must actively do better to continue advocating for the LGBTQ+ community. No person should feel less-than, unsafe, or stigmatized by what society deems as ‘different’.

As a company, we celebrate everyone, no matter their gender, race, sexual orientation, beliefs, or background. We truly believe that diversity makes the world a stronger, more beautiful place, and we want to emulate that in our place of work. 

There is no doubt about it that we wouldn’t be able to proudly celebrate the way we do in 2021 without the brave acts of LGBTQ+ activists over the years. From the ’60s to the 2000s there is still work to be done, to uncover, and to act upon. Each of these people has stood up for themselves, their friends, loved ones, and future generations, but one thing is for sure, they have impacted many people’s lives for the better.

There is no question that this past year has uncovered dark histories that still lie in today’s society, and as a company, it is our job to ensure everyone knows they can be their true, authentic self every day of the week.

We celebrate Pride Month with open arms and will continue to be supporters of the LGBTQ+ community, now and always.