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App-Worthy Pretzels

What makes a good appetizer?

Is it the use of unique ingredients? Is it an easy-to-share plate? Or maybe it is small bites that don’t leave you too full for your main meal? Appetizers can easily get overlooked, but sometimes they can also be the main star of the menu.


Following industry and consumer trends is a great way to start building out a delicious appetizer menu, but like all good things, tried and true products are the best way to win over your customers’ hearts (and stomachs)!


At Backerhaus Veit we have a variety of bread products that act as standout additions to your appetizer menu, but one of our favourites (and our customers too) is our variety of Soft Bavarian pretzel breads and rolls!

Pretzels live in their own special category in the world of bread, and customers can’t get enough! But in order to keep them in this high-quality tier, restaurants need to know how to utilize them in innovative ways. We’ve collected some of our favourite pretzel breads and paired them with delicious appetizer ideas to get your taste buds tingling!

Pretzel Bites

Fun, poppable, savoury little nuggets of joy, our pretzel bites are crafted to perfection and give you the saltiness you love in a full-size pretzel.

The possibilities when it comes to our bites are truly endless, and they have quickly become a fan-favourite for appetizer menus. Sure, you could sprinkle on some salt, and serve with some beer cheese, but we have some other tasty ideas up our sleeves.

  • Pretzel Bite Nachos
  • Pretzel Bites with S’mores Dip
  • Pretzel Bite Poutine

Smaller than a hamburger bun, but larger than a bite, our pretzel round dinner rolls are the perfect sized bun to get super creative with.

Everyone always loves a good dinner roll, and our pretzel rolls are no exception! Crafted with our traditional recipe, our sliders are always a crowd pleaser on any appetizer menu. We have come up with a couple of unique recipe combos to inspire your pretzel bun creativity!

  • Pretzel Bun Bruschetta
  • Bavaria Bites ft. Schnitzel & Sauerkraut
  • BLT Breakfast Bun

Made with our traditional Bavarian recipe, this soft and chewy pretzel stick has a mahogany brown crust that makes it visually appealing and yummy alternative to a traditional garlic breadstick.

These pretzel sticks can truly be added to any appetizer or used simply as a side to a full-sized meal. They are easily shareable and fun to eat! But to get your mouth watering, we’ve come up with some new ideas to spark your pretzel fantasy!

  • Pretzel Stick with Brie Cheese
  • Chocolate Dipped Soft Pretzel Sticks
  • Garlic and Cheese Pretzel Sticks


Did we get your creative juices flowing? Our recipe development team is bursting with new ideas and they are ready to tackle your next appetizer menu. If you are wanting to serve a unique product to your customers, pretzels are the way to go, and we can help get you there!


Contact our team to receive a sample of our products and to learn more.