Our History

"We're small. We're flexible. We're passionate. And we make damn good bread." Sabine Veit, Founder

Artisan Bread Backed by Over 90 Years of Family Tradition

It all began in a small village near Stuttgart, Germany in 1927. From one location that housed a store, a bakery and living quarters, Albert Veit baked through the night and delivered fresh goods to customers every morning.

Over time Albert’s special skill for creating extraordinary handcrafted breads was passed down to his son Richard who transformed the business into a multi-million dollar company with over 75 locations in Germany.

Bäckerhaus Veit means “the Veit House of Fine Bakers”. In 1987 Albert’s granddaughter Sabine Veit brought the art of traditional European bread making to Toronto, Canada. Albert’s unique Old World recipes quickly captured the imagination of a public hungry for a healthier, more substantial and uniquely delicious kind of bread.

The craft of European bread making has been passed down over three generations. Today, with our small batch approach, our naturally leavened handcrafted bread is baked in a stone hearth oven under the careful eyes of Sabine and her team of heritage-trained Bakers. Striving towards being the gold standard of authentic frozen artisan breads in North America, Bäckerhaus Veit’s growth and success are a testament to our commitment to craft baking.

Albert Veit, Founder of Bäckerhaus Veit in Germany

Sabine Veit is a woman on a mission. Her goal is to spread the gospel of great bread – in her case authentic, delicious handcrafted bread.

In 1987 Sabine introduced her grandfather’s European bread making traditions and recipes to Toronto, Canada. Since that time, Sabine’s vision and energy have fueled the growth and success of Bäckerhaus Veit across North America.

Ms. Veit has created a culture of people committed to quality and service excellence. Her team of Bakers is trained in the European heritage of making bread [European Heritage], the dedicated R&D team is led by a food scientist and chemist, and the Sales and Marketing group have over 120 years of cumulative food experience. At Bäckerhaus Veit it’s all about attention to detail and taking pride in the end result.

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