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5 Reasons Why You Should Be Serving Pretzels

When you think of pretzels what is the first thing that comes to mind? Is it the soft, doughy delight you can grab at a baseball game? Maybe it’s the gigantic one served with a pint of beer at Oktoberfest? Or perhaps all that comes to mind is the bag of hard pretzels you can find down the chip aisle?


While all of these are delicious ways to enjoy the mighty pretzel, there are so many other ways to enjoy this Bavarian treat, and we’re here to show you how!

Gone are the days where pretzels were only formed in the shape of a twist. At Backerhaus Veit we craft Bavarian-style pretzels in a variety of shapes and sizes. From pretzel buns to bites, twists to sticks, there no longer is only one way to enjoy the perfection of a delicious pretzel.

As a member of the foodservice community, we have watched businesses push the boundaries to serve delicious food experiences, and it is our mission to help them grow! For over 90 years we have continued to strive towards expanding our portfolio by delivering high quality products that stand the test of time. Our line-up of pretzels is no exception! We have crafted the art of the pretzel and want others to see the opportunities this innovative bread can bring to the table.

We have gathered our top 5 reasons you should be serving pretzels at your establishment to help you better understand the endless possibilities and benefits the pretzel can bring.


1. Versatility

If you read the beginning of this blog, you already know that there are many ways to enjoy a pretzel, but the opportunities for soft pretzels are truly endless! It just takes some imagination. At Backerhaus Veit we take the guesswork out of the pretzel buying process as we have a variety of different pretzels to suit your needs. If you are looking for a tasty bun, opt for Pretzel Buns! How about a new appetizer feature? Our Pretzel Bites are sure to do the trick! Having a diverse line-up of options is what gives us the competitive edge you are looking for, without sacrificing the quality and integrity of the true pretzel taste.



2. Margin Up

The best part about our pretzels is that they allow you to margin up your menu. Our Pretzels are fully baked offering a labour-light solution, and customers appreciate the premium quality which drivers a higher menu price. All you need to do is prep your inspiring Bavarian creation, serve it to your guests, and watch as they come back for more. They will remember the fantastic experiences they have visiting your restaurant.



3. Less Waste

Because our pretzels come delivered fully baked and frozen, you can take out the exact portions you need to serve for the day or react quickly if there is a rush. Our pretzels thaw in approximately 45 minutes, then a quick re-fresh in the oven, and perfection. No one wants to see perfectly good food go to waste, and the flexibility you have with frozen pretzels, without compromising texture or taste, is a win in our books.



4. Unique Opportunities

The digital era has created an amazing (yet difficult) opportunity for the restaurant community. Trends are popping up every single week, and a quick post of your delicious meal could make your establishment viral with just one click. It is so important to create unique menu items, and our pretzels have proven to be utilized in some unique and interesting ways. Here are some menu ideas to spark your creativity:

  • Pretzel Bite Nachos
  • Pretzel Pizza
  • S’mores Dip served with Pretzel Bites
  • Pretzel Charcuterie
  • Pretzel Bruschetta

At Backerhaus we work with a dedicated team of chefs who can prepare a variety of pretzel menu creations that suit your brand and business.


5. Classic Options

Even though we just boasted about the creativity you can have using pretzels, there is nothing wrong with the classics, and that’s what the pretzel brings. A large soft pretzel served with beer cheese and mustard is an instant classic and will never go out of style. Some menu items deserve to have a permanent spot on your menu, and our variety of pretzel twists know how to make themselves right at home.



Have we sparked your imagination yet? We sure hope so! Our team is incredibly passionate about the pretzel products offered at Backerhaus Veit, and we take great pride in the quality of products that leave our bakery every single day.


If you’d like to get in on the pretzel action, send us a message, and let’s work together on creating a custom menu package that suits your business goals!