Our Freezing Process

Our Freezing Process

Bäckerhaus Veit honours the European artisan tradition of baking in small batches.

All Bäckerhaus Veit products are baked, cooled and flash frozen using our “shock” high-humidity freezing technology guaranteeing optimal moisture maintenance and preventing freezer burn. This enables the extraordinary taste of fresh European artisan breads to be thawed and served with minimal labour required.

Baked Formats

Our breads are available in either Frozen Par-baked or Fully Baked formats.

Frozen Shelf Life

Our frozen shelf-life is nine to twelve months. Once thawed, artisan breads should not be refrozen, or refrigerated at any time to maintain optimum eating quality.

Baking Times

Bake times vary according to product size, and density. To help achieve the best possible results, a baking and handling guide will be supplied.

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