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For over 90 years the Veit family has been crafting traditional artisan bread. In 1987, when Sabine Veit opened her bakery she started with that history of traditional artisan bread baking knowledge and experience, combining the best of old-world European baking techniques and new world technology.

  • Hand-crafted breads, buns, rolls and pretzels
  • Made with all natural ingredients – no artificial flavors, colors or food additives.
  • Rustic, authentic and “real”
  • Available par-baked or fully-baked, frozen

Quality, Consistency, Capacity

Our 150,000 square foot State-of-the-Art, bakery was purpose built in 2015 to ensure the tradition of artisan bread making continued on for generations to come. Integral to that are the skilled bakers who ensure Bäckerhaus Veit bread continuously delivers a delicious and nutritious eating experience whether its hand crafted or made with the time and energy saving advantages of our state-of-the-art, high volume technology.

When you craft artisan bread made with traditional recipes you’re working with a living, breathing thing where time and temperature are critical. Many variables must be monitored and cared for to deliver a nutritious and memorable eating experience. For example, the flour coming from the mill will always have seasonal variances that are only seen once mixing starts. Processing a dough without the use of artificial chemicals and additives means that the experience of the team involved in making the product must make small adjustments to ensure the end product delivers on our quality artisan bread promise.

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