Our Baking Process

Our Baking Process

Blending art and science to deliver artisan bread that stands out from the crowd

At Bäckerhaus Veit we do more than make great bread. We are guided in all that we do by the ideals of traditional artisan bread making – willingness to share, to act as one community with common goals and to never offer anyone less than our best. Marry that with ingredients free of artificial flavors and colors, a longer, gentle dough process and higher hydration and you get artisan bread that stands out from the crowd.

Our craft breads begin with a “pre-ferment”, where a portion of fermented dough is mixed into each batch of new dough. Fermentation gives bread flavour, enhances the crust (thickness and colour), crumb (texture) and prolongs shelf-life.

The production process used to create authentic craft bread includes: mixing and kneading the dough using European technologies; allowing the dough the appropriate resting time to rise and develop; hand shaping, proofing (where required), scoring, topping; and finally, baking the bread in stone hearth ovens.

Unbleached flour is mixed with yeast, a portion of the mother-dough starter and any additional ingredients our recipe calls for such as rosemary, olives, or flax seeds. No artificial colours or flavourings are used!

After mixing, the dough is kneaded by repeatedly pressing, folding and turning it to develop and stretch the gluten and help it to rise and develop.

If requested, Bäckerhaus Veit adds naturally-occurring clean ingredients to extend shelf life.

At Bäckerhaus Veit, under the watchful eyes of our expert Bakers, innovative European baking technologies continue to be integrated into the baking process to increase productivity and enhance quality control.

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