Nutritional Advantages

Nutritional Advantages

Bäckerhaus Veit honours the European artisan tradition of baking in small batches.

We use only the finest natural ingredients and take no shortcuts when it comes to augmenting their nutritional goodness and flavour.

We pre-soak our whole seeds and grains in water for up to six hours to allow for maximum hydration providing the greatest nutritional benefit. Studies have shown that the body cannot break down whole grains and seeds within the six hours on average that it takes to digest what we eat. Pre-soaking the grains and seeds increases the body’s ability to break down and absorb* the valuable sources of nutrition that whole grains and seeds provide, enabling the grains to be digested more fully.

Health Canada explains:

“Whole grains and whole grain foods are composed of all three edible layers of the grain seed or kernel. Each layer provides a unique combination of nutrients. The outer bran layer provides all of the fibre as well as B vitamins, minerals such as magnesium, iron and zinc, phytochemicals and some protein. The middle endosperm layer accounts for the majority of the weight of the grain and is composed mostly of carbohydrate and protein. The inner germ layer provides B vitamins, unsaturated fats, vitamin E, minerals and phytochemicals.”*

*Canada’s Food Guide

Does it take more time for us to pre-soak all whole grains and seeds? Of course, but the extensive list of nutrients that are made available by our pre-soaking process makes it worthwhile.

BROMATE-FREE: Our naturally aged doughs use only wholesome, unbleached bromate-free flour that is blended to strict specifications. In accordance with Bäckerhaus Veit’s commitment to food safety, Potassium Bromate, having been classified as a potential carcinogen, is banned from our facility.

LOW SODIUM: As consumers look for increased lifestyle products, our line of popular low-sodium breads provides a healthy complement to our line up for the North American consumer.

ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS: No artificial colours, sweeteners or flavourings are added to our products.

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