About Bäckerhaus Veit

About Bäckerhaus Veit (pronounced Backerhoss Fite)

Because every meal deserves great bread.

Steeped in European heritage, Bäckerhaus Veit is a premium, private label artisan bakery that fuses Old World craftsmanship with New World technology. We bake the finest handcrafted breads, rolls and pretzel products in our stone hearth and rack ovens using clean, nutritious ingredients and time-tested family recipes.

Bäckerhaus Veit strives to be the Gold Standard – North America’s signature baker of the finest authentic European artisan breads, by an unwavering commitment to quality and adopting best industry practices in its manufacturing process, staying true to our original intention of what real bread is supposed to be – a wonderful nutritious eating experience.

With our team of European-trained Bakers, Bäckerhaus Veit continues to service and satisfy the American and Canadian Retail, HMR, Foodservice, Institutional and C-Store markets with frozen artisan breads and rolls.

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